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cats and crochet


this post was actually meant for last friday, but given the tragedy it did not feel appropriate because there is much grief, we are all shocked.

but you know, cute pets are always adorable, yesterday, today and tomorrow and they give comfort. so, with a few days delay, here are the pictures of cats and crochet.

i hope you like them!


patchwork blanket

a while back, i made ​​the patchwork blanket, maybe you can remember? here is the link to the blog post. the blanket has – together with the cushion of a recent blog post – found a new home with a large couch and two cats. first, the blanket was inspected and then approved by Zoef. Zoef is the lady you see on both pictures below (i think you can translate the word zoef with the word whoosh).

yellow blanket

and also a long time ago i made ​​the yellow blanket that eventually found a new home too. the blanket was only five minutes on the couch and this little boy was sitting on top. his name is Kip and Kip is the dutch word for chicken, not an average name for a cat;)

Kipje the little cat on the yellow blanket

Kipje the little cat on the yellow blanket


anyway, i feel flattered the blankets are adopted by these cute cats:)


love from the netherlands and please keep crocheting, knitting, sewing, painting, writing, drawing, making music and more !

until another time!





WIP: more squares

hello, nice to see you!


since last week the first part of the floor cushion or doggie bed, because that is what it will be, is finished. i am working on the edge of the second part. 



the other project i am working on is the ‘million’ 3-rows-mini-squares. on the photo you see 95 mini squares with an off white outer row…

95 mini squares with an off white edge

95 mini squares with an off white edge

… and i am busy with the ones with a black outer row.

mini squares with a black edge

mini squares with a black edge



next to off white and black, i have brown, dark blue and gray.



because it is quite warm at the moment this acrylic yarn is not ideal to work with and that is why i am looking for another project. that is an easy choice because someone liked my anthracite summer scarf and i gave it to her. a good excuse to make another one for myself, don’t you think:)


that is it for today, but first i will join: ginny’s yarn along at small things


hope you feel fine! 
see you another time!




WIP large and small squares


a small update about the variegated squares, since last week i have all 48 per four sewn together and each large block provided with an edge in different shades of blue. next step is sewing the blocks together, hope to show you the progress of this project next week.

variegated blocks with blue around

variegated blocks with blue around



i was working on another project but i stopped that because i did not like it. 


3 rows squares

with two new balls of variegated yarn in pinkish and lilac-like shades and off white and brown yarn from my stash i make small 3 rows squares. just because i like to:) the variegated yarn i turn into small balls that i sort by color.



info about both projects will be continued, so i hope you will come back sometime for another visit!


joining here, please come over to take a look: 


until next time!




pink and anthracite crochet

hello, how are you? 

last weekend i made it very easy for myself, only a few household chores and some shopping at the supermarket, and of course i watched football (that was not very relaxed…) and of course i crocheted. 

​like this lacy summer scarf for which i’ve used this stitch pattern and anthracite colored cotton viscose of yarnstudio.




i found a ball of yarn (label unknown) that has escaped the trip to england, see here for more info on that. the yarn  i have turned into a few small items: a glass jar cover, a floral motif and a flowery garland.


if you are interested the pattern for the garland can be found via this link and then look for number 8. the only difference with the original pattern and this pink one is 10 chains between de flowers in stead of 20.

the pattern for the flower motif you can find via this link.


that was it for today. hope your monday was a good one, my best wishes for the new week!!




WIP and a cushion cover

how nice of you to visit my blog!


since last week i have crocheted more variegated squares and ​​48 of them i have chosen and sewn together per four to make large blocks.

how i’m going to join the large blocks, i’m still figuring but i have some ideas.



mustard and lilac

5 mustard yellow and 2 pinkish squares i won’t use for this project, but i have crocheted an eighth square and an additional row around each of the 8 squares. i have sewn them together also per four and made another few rows all around et voilà … a cushion cover with a shoe lace closure.

at first i found it a weird color combination, but soon i started to like it. what do you think of the cushion cover, would it fit on your couch?




still i have a few small scraps of variegated yarn in tones that fit nicely together, and i am also making a square of it.

lilac and natural shades

lilac and natural shades




next week i hope to be able to show you more progress of the project with the large blocks.


joining: ginny’s yarn along at small things

hope to see you again!



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